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October 3, 2021

Ahava from above

Dream car – not there yet

Dream car – not there yet

October 5, 2021

Have we ever thought about it?

On September 6, I wrote an update on our elderly widows/widowers and disabled program at Ahava. That we cook a delicious, varied and healthy meal for them 5 days a week. That they receive flour on Friday from which they can cook a healthy and nutritious porridge so that they also have something to eat on Saturday and Sunday.

But have we ever thought about how all these elderly people come to Ahava? There are no senior buses here and the scoot mobile will probably never come to Malawi, I was able to arrange a walker for a seriously handicapped young man, but I believe that this is also the only walker in the entire south of Malawi.

In 2014, the desire was placed in my heart to set up a program for ‘our agogos’. (agogo means grandmother or grandfather in Chichewa (the local language of Malawi). Then I had to think about how I wanted to transport the elderly to Ahava. Because many can no longer walk the distance. And then…..I began to dream about a cart on which the elderly can sit that would be pulled by donkeys to get the elderly to Ahava but also to transport them home again.

Reality started with building a stable. And by now you know the story of Mo and Biel; our donkeys that will make us mobile. How I enjoy those sweethearts around me! A good friend managed to arrange the harnesses through someone who also knew someone. It was arranged, but in the Netherlands, so it was quite a story to get the gear to Ahava. People I barely knew offered me a whole suitcase of luggage that they wanted to take for us from the Netherlands to Malawi. The suitcase came from friends and with a lot of help from many, including my sister, the suitcase was filled with, among other things, the harnesses. How happy I can become and be grateful for these special bright spots of unexpected help, which means that we can do so much more together than alone.

The last piece of my dream that may become reality is the cart. We are not there yet……….because it turns out to be difficult and complicated. We can’t just buy it here in Malawi, but it really has to be made. The ‘picture’ I have in mind is in reality not easy to become ‘alive’. And how do I get a quote for a picture I have in mind?

Then, from an unexpected angle, help came again from a dear friend. I am still amazed and totally flabbergasted from how he made the ‘picture I had in mind come to life on paper. Even Mo looks like the drawn donkey. With this design we can get started to get a quote.

We are still not yet there…….but we are on our way to transport the elderly in a safe and comfortable way to and from Ahava.

Have we ever thought about how much organization, time, financial resources and help from others we need to make a dream come true for others who simply need our help?

Verse papaja’s

October 1, 2021 For every day: a thousand reasons for being thankful. Today a basket full of delicious fresh papayas from our own land! #simpleenjoyment.

Soap factory in progress

  The ceiling is placed in our soap factory. Only the layer of varnish still needs to be done, but that is for another moment. @toomanythingstodoatAhava!    

Het plafond is geplaatst in onze zeepfabriek. Alleen het laagje vernis moet nog maar dat is voor een ander moment. @toomanythingstodoatAhava!